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AutoCAD Architecture 51.0

Create architectural designs and renovation plans
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Design buildings and all the elements in them: walls, doors, windows, fences, elevators, stairs, etc. by manually drawing everything or by using already existing shapes from the library.

AutoCAD Architecture is a professional application created for architects.
This piece of software was especially created to help the architects with their jobs. If you're not new to the AutoCAD suite, you know that you need a little experience to use it. The program helps you create designs for buildings. The wide variety of tools it offers makes it one of the most used engineering software.

For an experienced user this program is quite easy to use. All the commands are in the upper side of the main window, and they are all grouped in separate tabs for easier access.

The predefined shapes for lobbies, offices, corridors, conference rooms, receptions, elevators and restrooms minimize the time and effort you have to put in while designing buildings.

AutoCAD Architecture offers quite a variety of options in order to create virtual spaces and buildings. You can choose to manually build these designs or build them with the help of the predetermined shapes you have at your disposal in the library.

Like other AutoCAD programs, you can extend its functionality with the help of the available add-ins. The performance of the program is high-end to make your work easier. Objects take very little time to load so that you can get the job done as soon as possible.

If you are just starting to learn how to use it, the "Help" section and the large number of tutorials are surely going to make things easier for you.

AutoCAD Architecture is one of the most used engineering software available today. Its vast library and the little time it takes objects to load make this software one of the best in the field. The easy access to all the controls and commands and the help menu make this a great choice for both professionals and beginners.

Paul Cooper
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  • Vast library
  • Predetermined shapes and rooms
  • Various add-ins
  • Large number of tutorials


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